Why should you study Chemistry?

Chemistry is hard. Chemistry is complex. Chemistry is deep and limitless. Chemistry requires you a megaton of self-discipline and organization to maintain steady learning progress. Chemistry has a lot of formulas, reactions, elements, and unending more details and their applications to memorize. Chemistry is a hard exercise for your brain, raping its every single cell to store that learned Chemical theme in itself.

There is so much to learn and understand in Chemistry.

Yet, just imagine.

What if you pushed yourself to learn that Science you hated before? What if you challenged yourself to study something incredibly hard and systemically complex? What if you tried to memorize intricate chemical reactions and many more experiments held even if you see no application of them in your daily or professional life? Shortly, what if you COULD study that in many intellectually intimidating science so-called Chemistry? Just imagine. How much intellectually and emotionally resilient you could become. How a quick learner you could become, because if you could studyChemistry, that hard science, and, to add the science you hate, just imagine, you could learn anything in this world. After learning Chemistry or at least having gained the basic knowledge, you would be able to learn anything that you want and need for you to succeed, because if you could learn something that you found so difficult and understand something hard to understand, just imagine, you would be able to learn any profession, to learn any skill, to learn any language, to learn whatever you are intellectually passionate about because all these other things will seem a piece of cake for you in the learning terms.

But there is one more important takeaway from learning that difficult science. You will be a master at pushing yourself to do hard things. You will become a master, a pure embodiment of self-discipline in doing anything that you do not really want to do but the one which is necessary to be done. You will become a person who can push himself through the challenges which may lay the actual foundation for your success in life because success is all about doing things you do not really find funny or interesting, but the things which you need to do necessarily.

So, sometimes, you do not necessarily need to study something because you want to apply it immediately in your life. Maybe you will never need those Chemical formulas and difficult equations you learned by heart then. Maybe you will forget them all in about a year. Yet, what will remain with you is that your brain has now been rewired. Your neuro-plasticity has now increased making you more ‘able’ to learn and memorize whatever complexity and abstractness or even a confusingly broad subject.

Just a curious undergrad